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From providing the ambiance you want in a mountain home…

to providing a real source of heat and comfort in your life, a fireplace can add immeasurable value to your home and life. Whether a traditional wood fireplace or an easy, kid-friendly electric version, we can find the perfect model for you. Hot Stuff’s variety of vendors offer a vast amount of choices to ensure your satisfaction. A fireplace truly increases comfort and relaxation to your home.

A wood-burning fireplace can be a comforting, beautiful feature in your home, or it can be an efficient way to heat your home with the ultimate renewable energy source, or both. Hot Stuff’s wood-burning fireplaces offers a wide variety of styles to guarantee that your new fireplace fits perfectly in your home! There is something special about the crackle and aroma from a wood fire.

What a gas-burning fireplace lacks in sensory pleasure, it makes up for in convenience and ease of operation. Our customers tell us they use their gas-burning fireplaces much more often than they ever used their former wood-burning fireplace. They are often installed with a thermostat in order to provide safe, clean, trouble-free heat. Hot Stuff’s gas-burning fireplaces offers not only heat but the appearance of burning wood to add comfort to your home. There’s nothing like warming up to a realistic fire with your family or a good book!

There are times when it is just impossible to route a vent for a wood or gas fireplace, or places where the look of flames is all you want. In those cases an electric “fireplace” may fit the bill. Electric fireplaces offer a realistic image of a fireplace without the aroma of a burning fire. Electric fireplaces are cost-effective because of its easy installation and low cost operation.


Modern Flames

Accessories from these preferred vendors can compliment the beauty and functionality of your fireplace. From tools and gas logs, to screens, mantels and glass gems, let Hot Stuff assist you in selecting the perfect accessories for your home or business fireplace.


   Eiklor Flames
Real Fyre
Iron Haus