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How to Light a Pilot Light

1. Make sure the gas valve is open.

If you have a freestanding stove, there will be a corrugated gas pipe leading to the stove from the wall, with a handle/lever (usually red or yellow) on it. This is the shutoff valve. If you have a fireplace/insert built into the wall, the corrugated pipe is probably beneath the burning area, behind the panel that hides your fireplace controls…often further back than the controls, or to the side. The shutoff valve handle/lever should be turned so it’s parallel to the gas pipe. (If it’s perpendicular, your gas valve is closed. Turn the knob 90 degrees so it is parallel to the pipe.)

Pictured: GAS VALVE (pointed to) and FIREPLACE CONTROL PANEL.

2. Locate the stove/fireplace controls.

On a freestanding stove, there is often a “lip” beneath the burning area that folds downward or sideways to reveal the controls. On a built-in fireplace/insert, the controls are also usually beneath the burning area (sometimes on the side); a panel that looks like the fireplace trim will fold away to reveal the controls.

3. Find the “pilot/on/off” knob

(in stoves this will be on a silver, aprx. 5” squarish gas control valve; in fireplaces it may be on a valve like this, or just visible on a panel). Also find a black, silver or red button that sticks out (the “sparker”), which might say “spark” or have a picture of a lightning bolt.

Pictured: GAS VALVE (blue) w/PILOT KNOB and SPARKER circled.

4. Push in the knob slightly, then turn it to “pilot.”

Push the knob in further, and continue to hold the knob down while pressing the sparker button over and over again. Pushing this knob allows gas flow to the pilot, and the button creates a spark for ignition. Don’t be surprised if you have to hold the button down for a minute or more and press the button many times. Watch in the burning area to see if you can see a spark near the bottom, usually amongst the logs or off to the side. This will tell you where to watch for the pilot flame once it ignites.

Pictured: PILOT KNOB (pointed to) and SPARKER (lower right)

5. Once you see the pilot flame (lighter-flame size) ignite, continue to push in the “pilot/on/ off” knob until the pilot stays lit if you release it.

This could take as long as 20 seconds. (If the pilot goes out, hold the knob in again and start pressing the sparker button repeatedly.) Once the pilot remains lit, push the knob in slightly and turn it to “on”.

If you’ve tried everything above with no luck, it may be time tofor service. It’s helpful if you can tell us whether you saw a spark at any point, whether the stove has been used recently, and if either the pilot flame or main flames have lit for you at all during this process.

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